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The French Don't Diet Diet

Diet Origins

Diet Philosophy

The French daily diet includes rich creams, butters , olives, nuts, cheese, and even breads, but the obesity rate is on 11.3 percent (2005 London-based International Obesity Task Force) of the population compared to over 20 percent in the United States.  Furthermore, heart disease rates are times lower than Americans.

Diet Claims

Diet Structure

This diet emphasizes eating slowy.  Eating slowly ensures you actually enjoy the meal, but also that you hear the message that you are full before you have overeaten.  There is no true diet plan either.  We have taken the opportunity to assist you in fashioning what such a plan might look like since you may not have the opportunity to learn it in France!

"The French Don't Diet Plan is based on The PATH to Healthy Weight Loss developed by nutritionists.  It is comprised of four key principles:

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Learn the HOW of eating???
  3. Reduce stress-induced eating. 
  4. Being active without exercise.  

Banned Foods

No banned foods...the French diet includes it all - fats, carbs, sugar, proteins, alcohol, you name it.  


Eating Out


None required or recommended.



The French? walk.   Their cities are pedestrian friendly.  Exercise is an activity to be enjoyed not endured.  Do activities you like.  

Diet Testing

Anticipated Weight Loss

The diet author reports that, in a six-week comparison, the PATH program participants lost twice the weight loss of Weight Watchers participants and beat ou all other national diets.  No specific amount of weight loss was reported, nor was a listing of the competing diets provided.   

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