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Diet Journal

Keeping a journal will help you monitor your food consumption accurately.  We often forget what we eat throughout the day or do not realize how much we consume in small snacks or tastes of food throughout the day.  Keeping a written tab will ensure that we are counting for all our calorie consumption.


  • The day
  • The time of day - morning, afternoon, evening
  • What you ate and drank - include everything
  • Where you ate - Sometimes we eat in places where we barely notice that we're eating, or how much -- in front of the T.V., in the car, sampling everything in the fridge...
  • Why you ate - Were you hungry or did you eat for other reasons such as to be social, because it was time, or because you were upset or nervous/ Don't judge; just notice and write it down.
  • How you felt - Notice how you felt immediately after eating, as well as a few hours later. Did you feel good or sluggish? Did your energy hold up until the next meal time?
  • Calories - This is a critical part for those who are dieting by calorie counting. It can also be very helpful in training your awareness of the calories in food and how they accumulate in the diet. However, calorie counting is extra work that you might not need to do if you are using your food journal to be more aware of your intake in general. 
Meal or SnackFoods and Beverages ConsumedAmountPreparation MethodFat Used
* What Worked Well:
* What I Can Improve:
(7:00 am)
Oatmeal ½ cup cooked Microwave None
  Skim milk 8 ounces    
  Slivered almonds 2 Tbsp    
  Apple 1 medium    
  Water 8 ounces    
(10:00 am)
Banana 1 medium    
  Water 24 ounces    
(12:30 pm)
Spinach salad w/ veggies 3 cups Tossed 1 tsp olive oil
  Tuna canned in water Bean 2 ounces    
  Vegetable soup 1 cup    
  Whole wheat crackers 5 crackers Baked  
  Water 12 ounces    
(3:00 pm)
Nonfat cottage cheese 4 ounces    
  Mandarin oranges ½ cup    
  Water 16 ounces    
(6:30 pm)
Chicken breast, boneless, skinless 4 ounces Grilled Cooking spray
  Broccoli 2 cups Steamed  
  Brown rice 1 cup Steamed 2 tsp light margarine
  Water 8 ounces    
(9:00 pm)
Lowfat yogurt Mango 8 ounces    
  kiwi and strawberry slices