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Acne Prevention Diet

Diet Origins

This diet has been increasing in popularity in recent times based on the effect of added hormones, antibiotics and other artificial ingredients in food products available on the market; better yet, HIDDEN in products on the market.  Many physicians and holistic practitioners have embraced this type of diet to help their clients/patients. 

Diet Philosophy

Limiting certain foods that could cause an increase in oil-production can help keep acne under control.  This approach to acne is seen as a safer, more holistic approach to many people.  Skintritious™ believes that to best way to heal your skin is from the inside-out.

Diet Claims

Committing to this meal plan can help reduce inflammation, excess oil and acne break-outs.

Diet Structure

This diet requires substituting other sources of nutrients in place of the “avoided” foods to regulate blood sugar, regulate hormones and reduce inflammation.  It’s less of a diet and more of a lifestyle.

Food Restrictions

Limiting certain types of processed foods, sugars and dairy is necessary for this plan to work.  While eliminating all of these may cause more harm than good, there are certain types of each that are allowed to avoid nutrient deficiency.  Substituting foods for detoxification +overall health (described in the 14 and 30 day plans) instead of inflammatory foods is key of this diet.


Zinc and probiotics are recommended nutrients.

Diet Testing

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the American Academy of Dermatology have both published studies that show a correlation between dairy consumption and acne.  Nutritional Skincare Specialist, Meg Hagar, menu plan author, has healed many of her patients’ acne problems using this method.

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